Sports industry charters.

Be the Winner, even in the sky! 

Private Jet Solution For Athletes, Sport Teams, Event Organizers & Fans

Regardless of the sport and whether you are an athlete, a sports manager, sports team, event organizer, sports fan, or an official fan club, MATCHAJET arranges for you private charters flights worldwide, according to your own requirements itinerary and schedule. 

ATP & WTA Tours
Davis Cup
NHL, Spengler Cup, World Cup, 
World Cup, NFL, 
6 Nations Champ.,
Super Bowl 
NBA, Euroleague, National teams
European Tour,
PGA Tour, Ryder Cup

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Did you know?

In August 2016, former tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska had plenty of reasons to opt for dedicated tennis air charter instead of commercial line flights. 

Indeed, it took her 55 hours and a 3,000-mile detour via Lisbon (!) to get from Montreal to Rio de Janeiro. Finally, she had so little time to prepare that she comprehensively lost her opening Olympics match against 64th-ranked Zhend Saisai. 

Keep ind mind that private charter is the ultimate way to travel in comfort, security, privacy and without delays. Indeed,  If you’re flying commercially, you’ll be always limited to the options that the airlines provide from your hometown’s airport. 

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_Travel with comfort & freedom.

Travel is often a necessary evil for world's top athletes and sports teams, who criss-crosse the globe 12 months in a year to attend ​major championships and tournaments. 

MATCHAJET will take care of all your logistic constraints, and ensure to you and your team an ultimate travel experience. We enable you to fly from and to dedicated private terminals closer to your final destination, all the while ensuring a total comfort and privacy. 

Save up precious time by avoiding the hassles of going through long security and checking procedures at airports, as well as travel delays and flight cancellations. 



Abu Dhabi Formule 1 Grand Prix 

13th December 2021, United Arab Emirates

Are you an athlete, or part of a sport team?

We know that travel is often a necessary evil for you, as you criss-cross the globe all the year along. 


Fly closer to your final destination and protect yourself from potential security risks due to overexcited fans and paparazzi, and get a more comfortable travel experience.

Sports industry is a big business, and getting athletes and sport teams from tournament to tournament on a hassle-free and fully comfortable way has become increasingly complex.

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Are you a Manager or an Event organizer ?


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*Charter flight booking is when a flight routing is booked. Each time you book a charter flight, regardless it's a one-way or a multi-leg itinerary, you use up one credit***. Credits only provide you ACCESS to transparent pricing and attractive offers for your flight but does NOT cover the cost of your flight. 

**You cumulate the total value of the charter flights you book (in EUR) until the maximum booking value limit***  included in your package. 

*** Your package limit depends on the amount of credits you have for charter flights booking (e.g. 5 for CRYSTAL) and on the maximum total booking value included in your package (e.g. €100'000.- for CRYSTAL). Once your credits OR your total booking value is used up, your package limit is reached.


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