Music & entertainment charters. 

We put you at the Center Stage, even in the sky! 

Private Jet Solution For Musicians, 

Theatre & Comedy Bands, Actors, Dancers, 

Artists Managers, Festival & Events Organizers.

Whether it's for a one-off performing live show, a world tour or an event organization,  MATCHAJET arranges for you, your sponsors and your team private charters flights worldwide, according to your own requirements, choice of aircraft, itinerary and schedule. 


Perform the 5th symphony of Beethoven at 45'000 feet in the sky or benefit of a relaxing time during your world tour travels in a comfortable and undisturbed environment. 


Optimize the comfort, privacy and pleasance of your travels during your World Tour, and keep your amazing energy on stage for your fans!


Don't be late at soundchecks and relax during time saved 

on traveling by private jets, all the while benefiting of an undisturbed, luxurious and comfortable flight. 


Have fun and relaxing time with your band in luxurious and pleasant environment, before acting your next live performance. 


Protect actors from overexcited fans, paparazzi, or possibly violent individuals, and make them traveling in a level of luxury and comfort that pleases discerning passengers. 


Ensure the success of your program, by making your guests' travels pleasant and re-energizings, all the while minimizing delays risks that could negatively impact your show! 


Dance and performing arts consum a lot of energy for artists. We arranges for them travels during which they can relax and fully refill their batteries!







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Benefits of flying with MATCHAJET

We're not an ordinary business aviation company. We shape the future of this industry and provide you with an offer that go above and beyond your expectations. 

Get 100% transparent wholesale pricing for your flight quotes
Access rapid, point-to-point, on-demand transportation.
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Did you know?

6 hours

is saved time on average by artists for each travel 


is the amount of annual flights taken by some artists  


more accessible airports with private flights

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No expansive commission


Own schedule and requirements


Increased security (Covid-friendly) 


Access to 10x more locations 


Faster checking procedures and no delays

Increase productivity during travels


Freedom & Comfort 

Enjoy many benefits

_Travel with comfort & freedom.

Music and entertainment industries are big businesses, and getting artists and teams from shows to shows all around the world on a hassle-free and fully comfortable way has become increasingly complex.

MATCHAJET will take care of all your logistic constraints, and ensure to you and your team an ultimate travel experience. We enable you to fly from and to dedicated private terminals closer to your final destination, all the while ensuring a total comfort and privacy. 

Save up precious time by avoiding the hassles of going through long security and checking procedures at airports, as well as travel delays and flight cancellations. 



Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

9-18 Aprile 2021, Indio, California, USA

Are you an Artist, or part of a band? 

We know that travel is often a necessary evil for you, as you criss-cross the globe all the year along. 

Fly closer to your final destination and protect yourself from potential security risks due to overexcited fans and paparazzi, and get a more comfortable travel experience.

We have plenty of offers for international singers, DJ's, musicians, actors, dancers and performing artists, as well as for festivals and big events. 


Arrange flexible luxury flights for your clients or guests, get 100% wholesale transparent quotes and reduce their travel costs. 

Are you a Manager or an Event organizer ?


Select the most attractive package regarding your travel needs and get access to transparent pricing for your charter flights worldwide starting from € 250/month.*

*This price concerns the CRYSTAL Package (€3'000/year). It guarantees you the access to attractive offers and does NOT cover the cost of charter flights you may book. All packages are paid on an annual fee basis.


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