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Business & private charters.

0% commission, 100% transparency and tailored service.

Charter Solutions for Companies, NGOs, Public Institutions, Influencers, Celebrities, and Private Travels.  

Whether it's for a business meeting, attending an event or simply for holidays, MATCHAJET arranges for you and your team, friends and family private charters flights worldwide, according to your own requirements, choice of aircraft, itinerary and schedule. 


Fast-growing companies must stay inspired and highly productive during their different travels, all the while refilling your energy. 


Optimize the comfort and productivity during your business trips, and provide a good impression to your clients. Well-prepare your meetings and keep your energy for them!


Optimize the comfort and productivity during your travels. Refill your batteries and keep your energy for causes you work on everyday!


Fly to your next business event on the most comfortable and productive way, all the while keeping your energy for the stage and meetings. 


Go to your next diplomatic visit or political debate on the most comfortable and productive way. Prepare your speech in the sky all the while keeping your energy. 


Protect you from over-excited fans, paparazzi or possibly violent people, and make sure you travel to a level of luxury and comfort that satisfies the most discerning passengers.


Enjoy fast procedures and dedicated personnel entirely at your service before the flight, as well as a quiet travel in an aircraft rented only for you and your family or friends. 






subscribe & fly.

Do you want to get access to best jet opportunities on the market, all the while paying NO commission? 

Subscribe to a MATCHAJET package and benefit from transparent wholesale pricing for your next business or private travel needs. 

Benefits of flying with MATCHAJET

We're not an ordinary business aviation company. We shape the future of this industry and provide you with an offer that go above and beyond your expectations. 

Get 100% transparent wholesale pricing for your flight quotes
Access rapid, point-to-point, on-demand transportation.
Benefit of a 24/7 assistance & customized VIP Services 
Reach multiple destinations in a single day
Avoid travel delays and
reduce travel costs with our packages

Save your time and keep you productive


Avoid commissions

100% transparent pricing 

Personal assistant 24/7

+25 years expertise

subscribe & fly.


Get 100% wholesale quotes

Reduce travel costs

Pay 0% commission on your next flight.

Did you know?

Wether it's for exploring new markets, sales presentations, improving public relations, diplomatic trips or humanitarian missions, MATCHAJET is the best solution for you. 

85 %

of companies that utilize private charters are SMEs. 


more often productive collaboration occurs among company employees aboard business aircraft than when those same employees are aboard commercial aircraft.


of business private flights passengers aren't executives


less risks of aircraft accident aboard private charters.

64 %

of companies use private charters to support efficient schedule not met with commercial lines. 


higher total stakeholders returns and earnings occur among companies using business aviation. 

Match your travel needs with our packages.

subscribe & fly.


No expansive commission


Own schedule and requirements


Increased security (Covid-friendly) 


10x more locations 


Faster checking procedures and no delays

Increase productivity during travels


Freedom & Comfort 

Enjoy many benefits

_Make your organization fly. 

Best-performing companies and most demanding travelers rely on MATCHAJET because we provide you inspiring, efficient, rapid, point-to-point, on-demand, cost-effective transportation. 


Flying private truly means freedom and comfort, allowing you to fly to your own schedule and requirements. We handle all aspects of your trip, ensuring that everything you need or requested is available for your use.


Save up time by avoiding the hassles of going through long security and checking procedures at airports, as well as travel delays and flight cancellations. 



VIVA Technology Conference

16-19 June 2021, Paris, France


Fly closer to your final destination, save up time and keep up your productivity! 


We offer you a wholesale transparent pricing with 0% commission, enabling your organization to sensitively reduce its travel costs. 

Are you a Company, an NGO or part of a public institution?


Whether it's for your holidays or a trip with your friends or family, we will make your travel experience up to your biggest expectations. 


Flying private truly means freedom and comfort, allowing you to fly to your own schedule and requirements.

Are you an Influencer or an Elite traveler who want to go on holiday?


Select the most attractive package regarding your travel needs and get access to transparent pricing for your charter flights worldwide starting from € 250/month.*

*This price concerns the CRYSTAL Package (€3'000/year). It guarantees you the access to attractive offers and does NOT cover the cost of charter flights you may book. All packages are paid on an annual fee basis.


5 Charter Flights Booking*

100K Total Booking Value**

Personal Flight Assistant

Reduce costs up to 4.5%

Get 1 offer per request


15 Charter Flights Booking*

300K Total Booking Value**