Other charter challenges. 

Whatever your travel challenge is, we have the solution for you.  

Private Jet Solution For Every Challenge You May Have 

Whether it's for a round-trip around the world, a panoramic flight over the Alps, a medical flight,  an aerobatic flight with loops, a cargo or an helicopter inquiry, MATCHAJET arranges for you and your friends and family private charters worldwide, according to your own requirements, choice of aircraft, itinerary and schedule. 


Do you want to discover different cultures? Are you looking for the best travel experience to visit world’s top iconic cities and regions? MATCHAJET has plenty of solutions for you. 


Discover the alps from the air and fly above the most prestigious summits and natural views, or feel the adrenaline during a "Barrel Roll" or a "Loop the Loop"! 


Do you want to access a sensitive world location, such as Venezuela, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria or Somalia? MATCHAJET will make you fly everywhere. 


MATCHAJET has plenty of flight solutions for music, film and media needs within the Entertainment and film industry.


MATCHAJET offers a full range of cargo aircraft, from small jets for urgent packages and animal cargo, to large freighters for outsize cargo. 


Most flexible and suitable solution for travel to remote, crowded or otherwise difficult to reach destinations. MATCHAJET can charter for you an helicopter to your departure airport or from your arrival. 


The quickest travel option for patients who are too sick or weak to endure the rigors of commercial flights. MATCHAJET can organize medical evacuations and transportation.  




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We're not an ordinary business aviation company. We shape the future of this industry and provide you with an offer that go above and beyond your expectations. 

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Did you know?

Private aviation is also active in humanitarian challenges, with capabilities to react quickly and to access remote, crowded or otherwise difficult to reach locations.


business aircraft flights per year for humanitarian reasons.


of private jet pilots say they have flown humanitarian missions.


medical flights via private planes and rescue helicopters per year in the United States alone

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Select the most attractive package regarding your travel needs and get access to transparent pricing for your charter flights worldwide starting from € 250/month.*

*This price concerns the CRYSTAL Package (€3'000/year). It guarantees you the access to attractive offers and does NOT cover the cost of charter flights you may book. All packages are paid on an annual fee basis.


5 Charter Flights Booking*

100K Total Booking Value**

Personal Flight Assistant

Reduce costs up to 4.5%

Get 1 offer per request


15 Charter Flights Booking*

300K Total Booking Value**

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25 Charter Flights Booking*

500K Total Booking Value**

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50 Charter Flights Booking*

1 Mio Total Booking Value**

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Get 3-5 offers per request & "Best Seller" Recommandation

*Charter flight booking is when a flight routing is booked. Each time you book a charter flight, regardless it's a one-way or a multi-leg itinerary, you use up one credit***. Credits only provide you ACCESS to transparent pricing and attractive offers for your flight but does NOT cover the cost of your flight. 

**You cumulate the total value of the charter flights you book (in EUR) until the maximum booking value limit***  included in your package. 

*** Your package limit depends on the amount of credits you have for charter flights booking (e.g. 5 for CRYSTAL) and on the maximum total booking value included in your package (e.g. €100'000.- for CRYSTAL). Once your credits OR your total booking value is used up, your package limit is reached.